Florian Think Green!!!

Florian is proud to do its part in keeping this world a little cleaner and in doing so we can help to keep your energy bills down. Our Glass by PPG and our unique frame design provide the most energy efficient in the solarium industry (scroll down and read more detailed information on each).

Florian's Green Goals

Weather you deal with construction materials, energy sources or landscaping Florian provides these ecological factors.

  •      Resource efficient – Greenhouses conserve water, fuel and other natural resources.
  •    Sustainable – Greenhouse last a longer time without added resources or care.
  •      Renewable – All raw materials can be replenished.
  •      Energy Savings – Manufacture or our greenhouses require little or no fuel.
  •      Low Maintenance – Minimal upkeep consumes less or your energy time or added materials.
  •      Clean – Greenhouses prevent pollution of air, water and soil.

Here is a quick list of our most prominent energy star components.

Our PPG Solarban glass is energy star compliant in all climate zones.

Florian's "Heat Repellant Series"
Better: MC Low-E clear tempered over clear tempered safety glass, dual sealed.
Recommended to be used in the WALLS for high comfort and low reflectance

Florian's "Heat Repellant Series"

Best: Super MC Low-E clear tempered over clear tempered safety glass, dual sealed.

Recommended to be used in the ROOF area
Highly recommended: This choice gives optimum balance among visible light transmittance, glare control, & superior solar control. This new technology glazing produced by the world's largest glass manufacturer has a Light to Solar Gain Ratio of an UNBEATABLE 2.04, placing it at the top of it's class!

Warning: Using the competition's higher reflectance glazing may cause damage to sidings, veneers, fascias etc. Choose our BEST glazing that is UNBEATABLE!

Our frame is 200% more energy efficient then the competition.

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