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The Geneva horticulture greenhouse kits are designed to provide a comfortable environment to pursue natures most enjoyable hobby. Many of our clients enjoy orchid growing in which the Geneva greenhouse will provide the perfect environment for just about all plants in any part of the world. Our greenhouses can be modified for your climate in a number of different ways. We offer a wide variety of glass options, heating, cooling devices, ridge vent options and many more. You control the environment. Geneva greenhouses are available in a wide variety of sizes, in curved eave or straight eave configurations. All Geneva greenhouse kits are constructed of maintenance free aluminum framing members. Florian's unique I-beam profile is designed for maximum strength to meet all building code specifications.

Geneva Greenhouse System Advantages:

  • High-Performance Glazing - eliminates the need for a shading system, which must be replaced periodically (and is also not aesthetically pleasing).
    Available with the world's highest performing insulating glass.
  • Ridge-vent system is fully gasketed - No metal-to-metal contact for maximum efficiency and plant comfort.
  • Each pane of glass is fully gasketed around the perimeter - No rope putty or lapped glass is used.
  • I-beam heavy gauge aluminum frame with stainless-steel hardware.
  • Framing members accept a "T" bolt & nut to hang accessories & plants from the rigid frame.
  • Technical support number
  • Fully modular and expandable
  • Heavy-duty 5-fin E.P.D.M rubber gasketing around each pane of glass. Outdated greenhouse designs still use messy rope putty.
  • Only SAFETY glass is used Beware of dangerous annealed glass that is standard with some manufacturers.
  • Available insulated glass is sealed against condensation and dirt. Some manufacturer’s double-glazed systems are not hermetically sealed.
  • Available roof & side vents. A true horticultural greenhouse, not a modified sun room.

Beauty & strength set us apart from cheap & plastic

“double thick glass” greenhouses.

Our competitors greenhouses

Most of the greenhouses in the below video have been

replaced with Florian Greenhouses and many of the photo's are from our customers.

Don't take our word for it see similar stories here do your own research:

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*NEW* The first fully enclosed Solar Powered Greenhouse

that can put money back in your pocket !

Taxes: Florian's Solar Products qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit (ITC) - The tax credit is equal to 30% of the price of products outlined in the solar plan. Not to mention state & local solar incentives possibly available. Some parts of country have huge solar incentives so good you may get the room as much as 75% off the cost of the room.

Power Bill: Reduce or eliminate your power bill. Solar power is most abundant when utility company power is most expensive. “Peak-Shave” – a solar power system which knocks out 50% of usage, can reduce an electric bill by 65%.

Living Space: Allow your imagination to soar in ways you never thought possible. Whether you desire your new addition to be a living room, solarium, family spot, dining area, or personal hideaway, our systems beauty is unique to the solar market. With exacting specifications, your space is built to the highest standards in the industry. Even with its extremely upscale look and efficiency.

Re Sale Value: Add beauty and value to your home -120% Value of Dollars spent. (Consult your realtor for specifics)

*DO-IT-YOURSELF & SAVE! in a Pre-manufactured green house kit including detailed assembly instructions and a technical support number. Also available; a network of independently owned installation contractors in the continental USA and around the world for our international sales department email us

Our featured Custom accents & Products Click the links below for examples. Call for more information:

Solid Panels Grids in Windows Sierra Venting System Glass & Screen Rooms
Wood Accents Sliding Windows Cresting Sun Cleaning Glass
Entrance Ways Canopies & Skylights Hips & Valleys Weep & Gutter System
Just a few examples of our special features more to come.

Our most popular accessories
Auto Vent System - Offered for either ridge or side-vent systems
Horizontal airflow fans - Reduces plant disease & helps maintain even room temperature
Auxiliary ventilation - Thermostatically controlled Exhaust fan with motorized intake louver
Evaporative Cooling Systems - Thermostatically controlled self-contained system features 2 speed motors
Plant Benches - Sturdy framing and attractive design
Watering - Mist-o-Matic systems sense the amount of watering that has been applied on your plants

Ask your salesmen about our full range of controllers, humidifiers, and shading systems for all your growing needs. Interested in orchid growing then read this to learn about florian's glazing system.
  • Ventilation Window:
    1. AW-1 single lite awning window 30" x 13 3/4"
    2. AW-2 double lite awning window 30" x 31"
    3. AW-3 triple lite awning window 30" x 46"
    4. GP window: single lite awning window 30" x 31"

free-standing curved greenhouseorchid growingfree-standing greenhouseStraight eve back to back greenhouse