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Single Pane: Clear tempered safety glass, used for growing greenhouses


Good: Clear tempered over clear tempered safety glass, dual sealed

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Florian's "Heat Repellant Series"
Better: MC Low-E clear tempered over clear tempered safety glass, dual sealed.
Recommended to be used in the WALLS for high comfort and low reflectance

Florian's "Heat Repellant Series"

Best: Super MC Low-E clear tempered over clear tempered safety glass, dual sealed.

Recommended to be used in the ROOF area
Highly recommended: This choice gives optimum balance among visible light transmittance, glare control, & superior solar control. This new technology glazing produced by the world's largest glass manufacturer has a Light to Solar Gain Ratio of an UNBEATABLE 2.04, placing it at the top of it's class!

Warning: Using the competition's higher reflectance glazing may cause damage to sidings, veneers, fascias etc. Choose our BEST glazing that is UNBEATABLE!

Florian's "Heat Repellant Series"

Triple Pane: MC Low-E clear tempered / MC Low-E clear tempered / clear tempered safety, dual sealed.

This glazing has a winter value of R-10, the highest insulated glass we offer. Designed for cold climate applications.

Special Order glass makeups are also available

Note: MC Low-E represents multi-coated manufacturing process. Performance specifications should always be included in writing of a project spec.
We often receive questions regarding plant sensitivity to Ultraviolet Light

All of our MC Low-E glazings reduce damaging U.V. light. Reducing U.V. is important for growing plants & protecting tender seedlings. Fact: No ultraviolet light requirements have been documented for plant growth according to Denver Botanical Garden's Horticultural Department and published reference materials. Using MC Low-E gives plants a tremendous advantage since it will greatly reduce the amount of cold & warm spots in the area increasing plant growth & room comfort. We also offer commercial grower's polycarbonate (which naturally blocks almost 100% of U.V.) However, this will yellow in about 5-10 years, is not aesthetically pleasing, and doesn't give the performance of the MC Low-E.

Also avialable with your Florian unit is Sunclean glass which when activated by exposure to sunlight, the coating on SunClean glass becomes photocatalytic and hydrophilic, which makes it self-cleaning because:

Photocatalysis enables the coating to gradually decompose organic material as it is exposed to sunlight.

Hydrophilicity causes water drops to flatten and spread out when hitting the coated glass surface, producing a thin sheet of running water that rinses away loosened organic material and enables the glass to dry quickly and evenly with minimal spotting and streaking. (Hydrophilic surfaces are the opposite of hydrophobic surfaces, which cause water to bead as on the surface of a freshly waxed car.)

In addition to being photocatalytic and hydrophilic, the TiO2 coating on SunClean glass is extremely durable. Because the coating bonds to glass while it is molten, tests show that SunClean glass retains its hydrophilic properties even after prolonged exposure to rain, sunlight, salt and environmental hazards.

The photo ab illustrates th heeting effect SunClean glass (right) compared to conventional glass (lef

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