greenhouse accessories watering systems plant benches
greenhouse accessories watering systems plant benches
"Florian's Most Popular greenhouse accessories"

Greenhouse accessories Price Part Number
Horizontal Air Flow Fans

Helps maintain even temperature

Reduces plant disease

Highly energy efficient, mount included

Variable speed approved, switch not included

14" 120vac:



Powered Ventilation

Exhaust fan with safety guard & louver

Motorized intake louver

Thermostatically controlled

Corrosion resistant durable pvc

12'' 850 cfm

16" 2000 cfm:

20" 3250 cfm:

$670. 00






Side-Discharge Cooling Systems

Self-contained evaporative coolers

1 speed thermostat.

115VAC, 1/4" water line in

Reduces room temperature up to 25 degrees













Commercial Grade Plant Benches

Commercial Grade Plant Bench
Rust-free aluminum framing
Stainless steel hardware
Bench top molded from U.V. protected high-density,
high impact polyethylene resins
Smooth surface - Stays clean with a hose & water. Won’t promote bacterial growth or permit rotting, warping or insect infestation. 100% water, salt, gasoline, insect, oil & fertilizer proof
Easily shipped & assembled
Cut-down sizes also available
Receive free shipping if sent with your greenhouse unit

3' x 4':

3' x 8':





E-Z Setup Watering Systems with Plant Bench

No electrical hookups

Uses standard garden hose for water supply

Lithium battery -up to 10 years of service Very easy to program LCD timer

Modular-additional misters will water up to 15 plant benches

Full Package system with 1 bench :

Additional benches with Misters:

watering systems Only:

Additional Misters for 3'x8' bench:





Computer Controller

Controls up to 5 stages of cooling /2 of heating

Simple to use- Large LCD display

Complete w/ wiring diagram & contactor panel

Remote temp & photocell included

Full system
W/ Remote Sensor
$3,675.00 60040
Polypropylene Exterior Shades

Provides 72% shading manually

Operated black mesh

Other shades systems & High-

Performance glass is available call for price

Note: These economy shades may have pulls and

blemishes due to their economical materials.

Per Sq. ft of shade
$5.50 60041
Roof Cresting & Finials

Durable rust proof Aluminum.

1-Bay: $145.00 60054
Aluminum Shade Slats

An incredibly versatile design element easy to clean .These are manualy opperated Made from100% recycled aluminum

60054 60054 60055
Cold Frames

Be prepared for this years growing season

The finest in European design

Weather resistant

Made from aluminuum and glass materials

Mulitiple sizes including custom sizes avaliable: Call for pricing discounted if ordered with greenhouse 60056
Grow Lights

Light system for starting seeds, propagating cuttings, and growing indoor flowers and houseplants

Many options avialable call for more information Call for pricing discounted if ordered with greenhouse 60057
Induction Grow Lights

provide your plants with the best horticultural lighting for explosive growth and high yields from a single lamp source. Our custom broad spectrum phosphor blend allows one lamp to be used for the entire vegetative through flowering cycle while saving between 60-70% of the energy consumed and producing 1/3 the heat of traditional grow lamp technologies.

Click here to see full list of options Call for pricing discounted if ordered with greenhouse 600548
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Florian offers only the finest in greenhouse accessories. Florian's greenhouse accessories can easily be integrated into any of our growing greenhouses. We offer state of the art watering systems, plant benches, computer controllers, roof crestings and many more. If you have any trouble with any of your greenhouse accessories we have an excellent tech support team here willing to help walk you through. Call today our greenhouse accessories support division. 1(800)356-7426

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