The secret to the most efficient sunrooms and conservatories
Designed into every Sierra is the highest degree of thermal integrity possible. Which translates into an incredible energy efficiency up to 200% better than other greenhouse type rooms.

Here's why. Most greenhouse manufacturers start with reasonably well-insulated designs, then put their units together with metal screws or bolts! Each of these hundreds of fasteners conduct heat and cold right through the so-called thermally broken frame, and helpless owners lose money trying to stay comfortable.

Moreover if just a few of the screws or bolts are tightened too much or too little, stresses are created in the frame and glazing which can result in drafts or worse.

Sierra's exclusive nylon clip assembly system is proven thermally broken. These clips enable Sierra to go together faster, more easily, and with even pressure between the frame, gasket, and glass. Not only secures the thermal integrity of the room but are actually 30% stronger. In fact each nylon fastener has a pull strength rating of 300 lbs. The thermal break is preserved and your heating bills will reflect it, as demonstrated in the chart above. Heavy gauge, extruded aluminum framework and exclusive nylon clip assembly system give you superior thermal integrity. Extraordinary energy efficiency of up to 200% better than other glass rooms. These features and more add up to a better-looking, better performing room for your money.