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I was quite pleased with the way my free-standing greenhouse went up. the combination of a good erection manual and Florian providing a contact with an experienced and helpful representative made the job pretty simple. Thanks.

Bill Halbritter

Hi There -

Just thought I'd send you the latest picture of our new greenhouse.

Just in time for the cold part of the year!

Ken Jamison

Hi Joel,

We are very pleased with the greenhouse and the orchids are doing beautifully. The low-e glass has been great but we have made a few modifications on our own to suit our plants. The Phalenopsis family does best in lower light, so from April to September we have placed an old bed sheet on top of horizontally suspended window screens over their bench. This prevents direct sunlight from hitting them but keeps the light levels in the 1,500 - 2,500 fc range which they seem to love. The attached pic was of that bench this spring. Nuff said? That bench is against the wall of the house so for the rest of the year, the angle of the sun keeps it off those plants.

The other bench and some wire walls I have built that sit on it contain the Cattleyas, Oncidiums, Dendrobiums, etc. that like higher light. I had a strip of 40% shade cloth made to fit directly over that bench at ceiling level, so in the summer time it protects the plants from too much direct sun during the hottest part of the summer. During the winter months, the angle of the sun comes under the edge of the shade cloth and hits the whole bench and the plants love it. We hang the plants that want the highest light from the parallel bars I had you install and everything is working wonderfully for us. We are very pleased.

We're really pleased with the response of our orchids. It has far exceeded our best hopes. Ralph & Sandy Billeter

Greenhouse Reviews greenhouse and plant growing greenhouse construction

“I had absolutely no problems with Florian. In the process of building it I decided to raise it up on a pony wall. This involved adding more frame work to the door so it would be at ground level. They sent the materials next day Express at no charge for material or shipping. But I know of at least 2 very good experiences with Florian. And the person that put mine together for me has been working for them many years and has had no complaints. My greenhouse is very well constructed and my experience with Florian was very rewarding. Florian has built greenhouse all over the world and has been in business over 50 years.” - Web Chat

If you have questions reguarding your greenhouse construction call our tech support line FOR INSTALLATION ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL (678) 482-8611. If you have a greenhouse or plant growing question please call (800)-356-7426. We would like to thank all our customers for their kind words and thoughtful letters. All greenhouse reviews come straight from our customers and are not edited in any way. Florian is proud of all greenhouse reviews and we stand behind our products.