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Over seventy five years of expertise in glass and aluminum go into the design and manufacture of every Sierra Room. Florian manufactures the finest solariums on the market.

The addition of a Florian Solarium is an investment that adds value to a house or business. Solariums are a refreshing design change not only aesthetically pleasing, but have a healthful aspect since light fights depression.

The Florian Advantage

  • The only sunroom to offer a tamperproof nylon clip system, which gives the framing unbeatable energy efficiency for maximum comfort. Allows even pressure between frame, gasket, & glass. No screws to strip.
  • Available Heat Repellent and self-cleaning glass keeps your room comfortable and bright all year.
  • Curved or Straight-eave design with over 300 standard models.
  • Heavy-duty 5-fin E.P.D.M rubber gasketing around each pane of glass. Some manufacturers still use thin window gasketing from years ago
  • Click here for the full advanced features list.

The first fully enclosed Solar Structures that can put money back in your pocket !

Taxes: Florian's Solar Products qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit (ITC) - The tax credit is equal to 30% of the price of products outlined in the solar plan. Not to mention state & local solar incentives possibly available. Some parts of country have huge solar incentives so good you may get the room as much as 75% off the cost of the room.

Power Bill: Reduce or eliminate your power bill. Solar power is most abundant when utility company power is most expensive. “Peak-Shave” – a solar power system which knocks out 50% of usage, can reduce an electric bill by 65%.

Living Space: Allow your imagination to soar in ways you never thought possible. Whether you desire your new addition to be a living room, solarium, family spot, dining area, or personal hideaway, our systems beauty is unique to the solar market. With exacting specifications, your space is built to the highest standards in the industry. Even with its extremely upscale look and efficiency.

Re Sale Value: Add beauty and value to your building -120% Value of Dollars spent. (Consult your realtor for specifics)

With unlimited sizes and configurations, Florian is recognized by builders and architects as the innovative leader in architectural glass applications.

The Benefits that come with a Florian Sierra Solarium

  • Re Sale Value - Adds beauty and value to your home -120% Value of Dollars spent. (Consult your realtor for specifics)
  • Quality of life - A feeling of open airiness within your space and the benefit of light, for example: Light can affect your emotional state, your health, your attitude and your family life. (Scroll down for more information on the topic the benefit of light.)
  • Added Living Space - For a variety of uses planting, painting, hobbies, work, office, dinning room, gym, pools & spas, reading room, TV room, kitchen, and etc.
  • Ease of Construction - Less time to build, economically cheaper then conventional construction. Designed & engineered for you and your location.

Quality and experience is what we offer. Compare & see.

Comfort is the key more on our Heat Repellent Glass Series

  • Florian is partnered with the world’s foremost leading glass company (PPG) to bring you our industry leading Heat Repellent glass series.
  • Florian's Heat Repellent, MC Low-E glass Blocks 56% more heat than our competitor's conventional glazing.
  • This increased comfort level will reduce cooling costs while still allowing 86% of the beneficial visible light.
  • Also The Heat Repellent Series increased R-Value adds up to a 58% savings on your heating costs.
  • We also offer self cleaning Sunclean glass. Sunclean glass can effectively decompose and loosen organic dirt and rinse it away.

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Our featured Custom accents & Products Click the links below for examples. Call for more information:

  • Glazing Type:
    Click here to see available choices
  • Framework:
    Available finishes: Bronze or White baked on Polycron enamel. Custom colors and anodized finishes also available.
  • Access Doors:
    All door glass and frame finish matches greenhouse unit.
    1. 5' thermal barrier patio slider in aluminum. Thermally broken door and frame with insulated tempered glass, insect screen, and privacy lock.
    2. 3'x7' or 6'x7' Commercial quality swing style with tempered insulated safety glass and commercial hardware. Panic hardware and handicap hardware available.
  • Ventilation Window:
    1. AW-1 single lite awning window 30" x 13 3/4"
    2. AW-2 double lite awning window 30" x 31"
    3. AW-3 triple lite awning window 30" x 46"
    4. GP window: single lite awning window 30" x 31"
  • Roof Slope:
    3 standard pitches are now available to use for your application - call your salesmen for heights.
  • Gable End Additions:Side filler panel kits are available to extend the gable end